Fri, October 2, 1942

Back to the lot today. Spent the whole day taking inventory. Had to take the last truck back & didn’t get in until 6:15. Had a cold supper & missed out on my tetanus shot. Will get it tomorrow. That will make a bad week end. Was supposed to move tomorrow but now it’s put off until Monday. Guess I’ll call Mary & then go to the show. Am all tired out from last nite.

Sat, October 2, 1943

Well the sun came out about 10:00 & I said to my self well something will surely cook today & at 11:00 they called me to operations. A mission was scheduled & briefing was for 1:45. We were to bomb St. Omer Longnet Airdrome. Sgt. Slate & I went & we took off at 3:40 & was over France at 5:00. We got lost in the clouds & boy did they send up flack at us. We were over enemy territory 28 min & that’s a long time. Almost every ship came back with holes in them. One waist gunner, his first mission, was instantly killed when a flack shell went thru the plane & him too. It was my air medal mission & when we arrived back the Capt. was back. He says that we might be grounded him & I on account of our age. If that’s the truth I’ll try and get out & into some civilian job over here or maybe be sent back as an instructor. I hope I do for these flights are getting me. I got a letter from my honey tonite. Boy was I glad. I feel better now. Carl Schricth also wrote to me. I’m all petered out tonite going to bed early.

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