Thu, October 22, 1942

Still on the Heaven set. Will finish it up tomorrow. Also found out I’m on KP Sunday. Oh my more pots and pans. Am going to the show tonite with wife & kids. Slapsie Maxie & girls are putting on the show here in the mess hall at 8:00. After I am going home & take a good hot bath & climb into my nice soft bed. Heard tonite I’m going to get a rating soon.


Fri, October 22, 1943

Over slept this morning & had to rustle around to get out on time. We finished the outside work today & now have to start on the store rooms, straighten them up. Mullen, Slate & I went into Bury to the dance tonite. We had a rotten time & we are not going back anymore. Came to the conclusion that they don’t like yanks there. It was raining when we left town & rained most of the night.


Sun, October 22, 1944

Still fine weather & spent all day on deck. Still hot at night.


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