Wed, October 7, 1942

Cleaned up the paint shop all morning & then fixed up our room so it would be more livable. Put in a lamp & clothes closet. Mosquitos sure chewed on me during last nite. Went to town tonite again to the Hollywood Canteen. It was Warner Club nite & lots of the girls & stars from Warner’s were there. At 9:30 went to the Army Jubilee at CBS for our soldiers at the front. They transcribed it the Hall Johnson Choir, Ethel Waters, Rochester, Duke Ellington Band played. It was swell. They gave us service boys front seats. After went back to the canteen. Home at 1:00.

Thu, October 7, 1943

Slept too late for breakfast. This is getting to be a habit. Hit the crew room for coffee & then started cleaning out our old trailer. Had it all done by 3:00. Finished my ring & took Mandy to Braintree. He took a bus to London. I went to Marks Hall & got our dry cleaning & then went to visit Mrs. Wiseman in Braintree. I stayed for tea & had a good visit. Left there  at 6:30 and came back & printed some pictures we had taken that morning. At 9:30 we had an air raid alert & boy did the ack ack go up around here. We had two of them before 12:00 & I was all alone & was in bed at 12:00 & fell asleep right away.

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