Thu, October 8, 1942

Went home tonite to see the wife & children. Was sure glad to see them & get a good hot bath & sleep in my old bed. Dropped into the Canteen on my way home. Mary came to Hollywood for home.

Fri, October 8, 1943

Overslept again. I was all alone & nobody got me up. Good excuse. I went over & got our asterdome with our camera mounted in it. It’s not so hot but could be worked out. At 12:00 they notified me of a mission & briefing was at 1:00. We were going to Belgium where the bombers came from that bombed London last nite. We took off at 3:00 & was entering Belgium at 4:15, here came the flack & they kept throwing it all the way into the target. But it was worth it when you saw the 6 1000lb bombs land on the runway & blow them all to hell. Maybe we’ll get some sleep tonite & we paid them back for the convent & homes bombed in London last nite. I’m ready for bed tonite for I’m all petered out. Mandy & Slate got back after I took off. I’m leaving with the film at 7:30 in the morning for London & my two days off. The Capt is finding out if I can be sent back to the states as an instructor. I’d just as soon if they are going to ground me. A Life photog went in our formation too today.

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