Fri, October 9, 1942

Painted the stage floor on our stage setup in the mill for our show. After all the work it was cancelled. Everybody but a few are sure disgusted today. They put out some more ratings and as usual they passed me by. Cpl. Shindler, my boss, got up to Sgt. He was hot he should have been a staff. Spent the eve at the Canteen til 9:30 then went over to Warner’s & went on the lot & saw the boys.

Sat, October 9, 1943

Was up at 6:00 this morning, shaved, ate & was on my way to London at 7:30. Arrived in London with my film at 9:00 and met Bart as I went into HQ. Boy it was good to see him. We went out sat nite and we got blotto. Came to at 5:00 out at Tottenham Court Road. Took a taxi back and hit the sack.


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