Wed, September 1, 1943

My furlough was to start today but there was a mission to Holland & Capt. Culver wanted me to stay & rig up the cameras for the mission. I was awakened at 4:30 and after getting all ready ate at 5:30. Briefing was at 6:00 and I waited until 10:00 before I found out it was washed up on account of weather. I then went to Marks Hall for the mail and back. The Capt. decided I should leave so after lunch I shoved off. I was in London at 4:30 and after we found out we could only get a train for Ireland at 4:30 the next afternoon we decided to go to Scotland first. So we left London at 10:00. The train was crowded & we sure put in some trip. The folks at home should never squawk about accommodations on trains there. They should ride them here. I had a qt. of scotch but couldn’t open it without a cork screw and just an hour before train time I found a British soldier who had one & boy did a big draw of  it taste good. 


Fri, September 1, 1944

Was taken to the hospital today with my leg. The doc thinks I might be sent back to the states. It’s sure giving me hell and I can hardly walk on it. Doc is going to send me to the 231st for examination & he’s going with me. Says I should be sent home. All the old boys were examined today for their trip back for a rest in the states.

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