Tue, September 15, 1942

Got my bonus check from Warner’s $282.00. Wife will get it tonite. Finished at 3:00 & played ball until 4:00. Stood retreat at 5:00 and then ate & dressed & waited for the family. Wife, Rosemary, Ronnie came over at 7:00 & we went to the theater & saw “Dive Bombers” & a floor show put on by the boys here at camp. Cpl. McLain really had Ronnie laughing. Had a fairly easy day. Drilled a little in the morning & then in the afternoon at 1:00 stood in line and filled out wife’s allotment. I give 22 – the Gov 28 + 12½ for Rosie and 10 for Ronnie.

Wed, September 15, 1943

We went to the show last nite & after the show, 10:30, went over to OP’s & checked for a mission. Capt had went to London. There was a briefing for 4:45 this morn & we were bounced out too late to eat. We finished briefing at 7:30 and went out to our plane. We were supposed to bomb an airfield at Rouen, France. We had no more than landed at the hard stand & was notified to come back to crew room. It was called off on account of bad weather. We were told to stand by and at 1:30 we had another call & this time they changed the target to Hazebrouck Air Dome, France. We took off at 4:30 and was just to the French coast & was called back by the fighters. Our formation was too scattered. There were 106 planes in it from 3 fields. We landed back at 6:30. Boy was sure tired. Then the Capt. woke me at 12 and told me there was a 4:00 brief. When 4 came he woke me & said it was called off. Oh boy what a life.

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