Wed, September 16, 1942

Well we really put out today. I was in the goon squad about 10 min learning my column right & column left. After lunch we put on leggings and really got down to business. I’m sure tired. Wrote son Harry a letter at noon. About ½ of us had shots & some of the boys are rather sick.


Thu, September 16, 1943

Got up at 7:30 this morn tireder than when I went to bed. Had two fresh eggs for breakfast. Then went to Marks Hall for the mail & got my flying time for only one month, should have been two. Those HQ guys are sure screwing up everything. At 1:15 we had a briefing and our target was Beaumont, La Rouge, France airdrome. We took off at 3:45 and was over the target at 5:30. I shot the Ackley out of the bottom camera hatch & boy what a splash. We sure put our bombs right in there. I got some good shots. The Capt is getting them ready to send in now. Lt. Swindle in 762-G was the pilot. He was a dandy. It was a very good trip, only saw saw a few fighters & very little flack. I am going to bed early tonite, Just as soon as I load all the cameras. Oh yeah the Chaplain has some thank you cards of the party & the PSO was here to get the story. It will be in the LA Times & perhaps the Stars & Stripes.

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