Thu, September 17, 1942

Drilled again today and this afternoon the Lt. drilled us for about ½ hour & passed us OK. If we get by Sat for the review then we get leave off post provided the fellow that burned a hole in blanket turns himself in. Some one burned it then slipped it on some other bed. The whole barracks will be confined to camp for one week if it isnt’ found out who done it. Wrote to Aunt Bell & Uncle Steve last nite.

Fri, September 17, 1943

Was awoke at 4:00 this morning. Capt Culver & Ben Rosenblatt was to go to Rouen, France. We loaded them up and 8:15 they called it off then at 10:15 they had another briefing & this time they were to go to Lille, France. At noon it was called off on account of weather. After lunch I took my check to the bank to cash it & left my identification at home so no money. Went  to Marks Hall for the mail. No mail. It’s almost a week and a half & no mail from anyone at home. Oh me. Called London about the Aug flying pay they jipped me out of. Looks like I am not going to get it, goodbye $57.40. And me blowing my wad on a furlough. Fixed our tent up tonite & and hitting the hay early. Am going to London in the morn with film.


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