Sat, September 19, 1942

Had barracks inspect and personal inspection, everything was OK. Then at 10:00 we passed in review. It went off swell. The CO was pleased & so were the inspect officers. Said that men who had drilled 6 to 8 weeks had done worse. We have had 5 days. Our passes never materialized tho on account of an article in the Hollywood Reporter criticizing our outfit. The Capt said it would be a full 21 days before we get out. There was almost a mutiny in the barracks. They also quit letting us see our visitors out in the cars. They are not letting us have nothing. We have to be just right. CO one my laundry today, nice and white.


Sun, September 19, 1943

Almost missed breakfast slept so late. Went to 11:00 mass and gave Father  a copy of the pictures we took at the party. We laid around until 2:15 when a mission was cooked up to bomb St. Ouen. We got them off, Sgt. Ben Rosenblatt & the Capt., & they got just to the channel & had to turn back, bad weather over the target. We went up to the Red Cross at 8:30 & had coffee & sat around and BS’d until after 9:00, then to bed

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