Sun, September 20, 1942

Up at 6:00 & ate & tidied up my bunk and ate. My wife came after me at 7:00 & I went home. At 9:30 went to visit my sister & saw Carol & her hubby & mother-in-law. Carol fears Ben is going to be called. At 10:00 went to bro Harry’s & stayed till 10:30. At 11:00 Mary, Rosemary, & Ronnie and I went to mass. After mass I returned to camp at 12 and ate & the rest of the day I spent in reading & resting


Mon, September 20, 1943

Over slept this morning. Was up all with the GI shits. Boy was I sick. I went to chow at noon & no could do. I came back & stopped by the hospital & got a shot of paregoric. It made me feel a little better. At least it stopped then. Ben Rosenblatt was grounded for a year. His eyes and the operator was the cause of it. At 1:45 we had a mission scheduled & I was to take Ben’s place. It was St. Omer again & just about 10 min before take off time they called it off. Fighters could not make it. The 323 and the 321st hit the target ½ hour before us so I guess it was too big a group to follow so quick. The fighters couldn’t take care so quick after. I just ran over to the Red Cross doughnut & coffee wagon & had lunch. Boy were they good. They get around every week. Slate & I are going early & take a shower, eat & go to the show tonite, Will probably have an early mission in the morning.

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