Mon, September 21, 1942

Drilled a little in morning and then signed my first payroll. After lunch played softball. Our side won 9-7. Received a letter from Al Lindler at Indio. Will write a few letters tonite and bed early.


Tue, September 21, 1943

Was awakened at 4:15 this morning. We were to be briefed at 5:30 & break at 4:45. We took off at 8:00 for Beauvais Airdrome in France. I rode with the pilot & copilot & before we got to the French coast I had some swell formation shots. The first box was about 8 miles ahead of us and the 323rd was about 3 miles to our right. The fighters followed the first box in and left us high and dry as our flight leader turned back. The first box went on in & bombed the airdrome. The tail gunner on Jezebella ws killed instantly when a 20 mm shell entered his neck & exploded. Boy what a mess. One plane was shot down over the target of the 323rd & they had plenty of flack. Perhaps it was a good thing we turned back. When we landed a B-26 had piled up on the runway & its a lucky thing I had a roll of film left. Shot 100ft of it. The brakes locked. No one was hurt but one of the boys out of Photo Lab got a dilly of a black eye. Culver got credit for the mission but I got an abort. Slate & I will have to go in the morning again. Am going into Braintree tonite & have a few drinks & deliver some towels to a Staff Sgt. I met in Belfast who lives in Braintree.

Thu, September 21, 1944

Was transferred to the Detachment of Patients & transferred to Ward 56 to await shipment to the states. I have been in bed since the 1st of Sept & my legs about the same. Some nights I cannot stand it at all. Have been taking medicine to make me sleep.

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