Tue, September 22, 1942

Nothing much happened today. Setting up exercise & ½ day drill. The afternoon was spent playing ball. The kids & Mary & Harry & Elsie & sis came over to see the show. They had to leave right after orders. I sure hated to see them go. Wanted so bad to go with them.


Wed, September 22, 1943

Had to go over to the docs this morning with my thumb & the GI’s. He had to lance my thumb & after doctoring me with the GI’s sent me back and grounded me. The Capt. left this morning for London. After he left a mission was on so I sent Sgt. Slate up & Lynch & I went to Bassingbourn to see Bart & Bobbie & the boys. Gee it was good to visit them again. We got up there about 4:30 & stayed until 6:00. We arrived back here at 8:00 and Slate had aborted on account of weather, just got to the French coast. We went over to the RC & got coffee & sandwiches. Came back, built a fire in our stove & hit the hay. I still never received any mail today. Boy some mail better be getting here quick.


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