Thu, September 24, 1942

We we went to work today. Inventoried all grip equipment on stages 4 & 5. Everybody was pleased with the equipment & lot. Finished at 5:00. We are now 1st Class Privates. I am going to try and get into the paint dept. Grips are a little too clannish for me. There is only one painter & he is the dept head so I ought to do alright. Everybody is talking about if we get our class A pass Sat. There sure will be a lot of disappointed men if we don’t. Had our show last nite, the family attended to Ray Erlenborn with sound effects, brought down house.


Fri, September 24, 1943

We got up too late for breakfast & so Slate and I went over to the crew room for our coffee. I went over to have my finger dressed & when I came back Capt said you’re going on your 48 tomorrow aren’t you & I said yes so he said I’ll fly then & I’ll send you & Slate in with the film. They were going to Beaumount Tille Airdrome & was to brief at noon. We got them off, Mandy & him, & then I began to burn. We he came back at 6:00 I jumped him & told him I had flown 2 aborts & should not have been taken off until I completed my mission. He had the excuse that he thought Slate & I wanted to fly together so that was the only way he could work it. He could not fool me tho he wanted to take it for he wants to get hrs in so he can get out & f__k us guys. We took the film into London. Slate & I and arrived there at 9:15. He sent us in a command car. As soon as we got rid of the film we hit out for the pubs & by closing time we felt rather good again. We put up at the Victory Red Cross for the nite & after shooting the bull with McGovern, Howell, Rosenblatt until 1:30 we hit the sack.

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