Sat, September 26, 1942

Spent most of the day making signs. Left Roach’s at 3:30. They gave us our permanent passes today. We couldn’t wait until we got back to dress & leave. I went over to Mother’s at studio and met some of the boys I worked with, Cox & Irwin. Bought me a beer & before I knew it I had 4 more to drink.


Sun, September 26, 1943

Got up at 7:30 & the boys really gave me a fine breakfast. 4 hot cakes right off the griddle & oat meal, coffee, bacon & plenty of syrup & butter. Boy I wish we were back there again. Do they feed. I met Gaye at 9:00 across the river & we went into London. We spent most of the morning going thru Madam Trousseau Museum of wax figures. Boy did I enjoy it. Gaye told me of her family & boy friend & I told her about America & my family. She’s going to write to Mary to tell her what a swell husband she has. Hope no complications set in out of this. We took pictures in the Square & then took in a movie & after the movie was over had dinner & then put Gaye on the train at 7:30. I went back to the office & we run off film until nearly 11:00 then we went to the RC & had a snack & then by 11:30 was in bed. Have to get up at 2:15 to catch the bus at 3:00 for the depot. My train leaves at 4:30, Had a very delightful weekend but would of had a perfect one if I had only gotten a letter. 2 weeks now & no mail.


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