Fri, September 3, 1943

Was awakened this morning a 10:00 and Mrs. Carswell had a lovely breakfast for me. Went down after breakfast and got Frank Z and we headed for town. Went to church at 11:30 St. Mary’s. Went shopping and visited the pubs. At 1:30 we went up to the castle and had a swell time looking it over. Shot lots of pictures all morning. At 4:30 we were back at our room & went to the corner pub and visited there until 7:30. Then we went to the dance. I was sure surprised when they danced like we do in the the states. It’s 11:00 now and I’m ready to turn in. I think we will leave in the morning for Ireland. Kind of hate to leave here now. I heard the invasion of Italy has started. It’s hell knowing your going to have to go back to the ugly business of war.


Sun, September 3, 1944

Bombed Beauvais, France. Marsh Yards. Capt. Wesley.

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