Fri, September 4, 1942

Took physical today. Was 2# (126#) under weight, passed OK. Was told to report Thu for trip to Ft. MacArthur. Took 3 hrs to go Thu. Saw lots of grief. Mothers parting from sons.


Sat, September 4, 1943

Was up at 10:00 this morning. Was going to leave for Ireland today but met some very nice people so we are going to stay another day. This man I met has 10 children in the Navy. I’m invited out to see his family tomorrow at 1:00. I was lost in the blackout tonite and a Scott walked several blocks out of his way to see me home. Gee it makes me feel good for I was homesick anyway. I could be enjoying myself but try as I might it can’t be done. It’s 11:30 and I’m ready for bed.


Mon, September 4, 1944

Bombed St. Pol, France.

Was taken to the 231 Station Hospital for examination. Doc said he thought I had a ruptured disc & I was to be sent to the 65 Gen to make sure.


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