Sat, September 5, 1942

Worked over on my last nite. Worked till 5:30 Sun morn. Bid all good bye. Had plenty yo do on stage 2 and 6. Thought night would never end.


Sun, September 5, 1943

Woke up at 10:00 had the only egg the landlady gets in a month for breakfast. Went to St. Mary’s Church to mass. After mass we walked around Edinburgh until 4:00 sight seeing. Frank met his girl friend then and we took in the Botanical Gardens. I got lots of good color pictures there & hope they’re good. We then went to the train. We left Edinburgh at 6:30 and went as far as Dumfries where changed to another train. It was a little after midnite when we left for Stranraer. We had to sit in the vestibule all the way. Talked to two English sailors & that helped pass the time.

Tue, September 5, 1944

Bombed Ghent, Belgium.

Was examined at the Gen Hosp here today & admitted. The doc says I have a ruptured disc & will have to go back to the states to have it operated on.

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