Wed, September 9, 1942

Slept till 10:00. Wife had car out getting kids school clothes. After, I done all my shopping. Finished at 6:00. Must get to bed early. Leave early in morn for Fort MacArthur. Earl Zell is coming over to go too. Same outfit.

Thu, September 9, 1943

Got up at 6:00 and ate on the boat at 7:30. We disembarked & boarded the train. We had a very nice crossing and I enjoyed a good nights rest. We left Nachem, England at 9:15 and arrived in London at 3:00. Went straight to the office and upon arrival found out Lt. Edwards was lost in action that morning. I came back to the field that nite with Capt. Culver who was in London & Lt. Edwards was taking his place. It was quite a blow to me  for the Lt. was a very good friend of mine. Only 2 parachuted out of the plane. It was passed black out time when we arrived so I sorted out my clothes & hit the hay. I was all tuckered out & nervous.

Sat, September 9, 1944

Bombed Boulogne, France. G.E. Edwards lost.


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