In search of my family's history

Robert, Lorena, Harry and Ronald O'Neal
Charles Clinton O'Neal

This is a genealogy website the purpose of which is to share what little family history I have with family members and other O’Neal researchers.

I have tried to cite a source for the information I’ve listed. It’s up to you to decide the credibility of that source. Good or bad, the evidence I cite for a given piece of data is the best I have found to date. I’m always trying to improve the quality of the cited sources.

In order to respect the privacy of living family members, I am limiting the family history to those family members born 100+ years ago.

Please keep in mind that the family history is a work in progress and as such will change as new information becomes available. I welcome questions, suggestions and comments. See the help menu for the contact form.

User registration is limited to family members only. Registration allows family members to blog, add, or comment.

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