Sat, May 22, 1943

We are all set for something today for all our stuff is to be packed and standing by at 5 o’clock. We load into trucks & were off for somewhere. We wind up at the pier in Brooklyn & are marched to the gang plank Docked side by side are a liner & a smaller boat. We all hope & pray it’s not the smaller one.  Sure enough we load into the big one & what size. It looks very dreary in its battle colors. As we march to our room we notice it is the Mariposa. We unload our packs from our back and hit the bunks. Man what a load we have to carry. 


Mon, May 22, 1944

No entry.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    SS Mariposa

    In World War II, she operated under the War Shipping Administration[3] with allocation and close association with the US Army, though not officially a US Army Transport,[4] serving as a fast troop carrier, bringing supplies and support forces to distant shores and rescuing persons stranded in foreign countries by the outbreak of war. Mariposa, with a Navy -designated troop capacity of 4,165 and speed of 20.5 knots (38.0 km/h), was one of the very large, fast transports, the largest nicknamed “Monsters”, usually sailing without escort.

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