Part I asked the question: Are Jane, Mary, Joseph, Ezra, Colbert, and Betsey O’Neal siblings?

If you haven’t read  Part I you might want to do that before exploring this page. I’m adding Part II because I don’t want to go back and rework Part I to reflect my latest thinking. I’d like to keep my original research intact.

The revised list of children for John O’Neale and Judith Suttle/Settle looks like this:

Revised list of the sons & daughters of Joseph O’Neale and Judith Suttle(Settle) born in Virginia and living in Ohio
Name Date of Birth Location of Birth Living in Ohio
Margaret O’Neal 1795 Unknown Unknown
Jane O’Neal 1796 Culpeper County, Virginia Bourneville, Ross County
(Mary) Polly O’Neal 1798 Unknown Belpre, Washington County
Joseph O’Neal 14 Sep 1800 Culpeper County, Virginia Belpre, Washington County
Ezra O’Neal 6 Aug 1802 Culpeper County, Virginia Newport, Washington County
Colbert O’Neal 15 Jan 1805 Culpeper County, Virginia Belpre, Washington County

 In summary: (1) Betsey was removed, (2) Margaret was added, and (3) Mary was revised.

(1) Betsey was removed based on the following information:

Will abstracts of Culpeper, VA, v.3, (1803-1809)
Culpeper Will Book E 20 June 1803-16 October 1809. p. 68
Edited & Published by Ruth and Sam Sparacio
1320 Mayflower drive, McLean, VA 22101
Copyright 1988

P214 Pursuant to an Order of the Court of Culpeper, we have first been
sworn, have proceeded to appraise the Estate of JOHN ONEALE, decd, as
followeth…(which inventory includes…Negro sarah aged about 50Content
years, $100; Negro Solomon, aged 7 years, $133; one horse, two beds, a
saddle, a woman’s saddle. seven chairs, kitchen furniture, forty logs
in the Town of Washington, five stacks of wheat. JUDY ONEALE
Gabriel Smither
James Garrott
Chas Harper

At a court held for Culpeper County the 16th of February 1807
This inventory of the estate of JOHN ONEALE decd was returned into
court and ordered to be recorded.

 Betsey was born 4 Oct 1808. John’s estate was being probated 16 Feb 1807. Therefore, he could not be Betsey’s father. It does beg the question, “Then who are the parents of Betsey O’Neal?”

  (2) Margaret was added for the following reason:

 I received a list (same as the list above) of John and Judith’s children from two different sources. I’m sure somewhere this information comes from a single source, but I have yet to find it. If you search each sibling’s name in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) on the LDS FamilySearch web site, you find John O’Neale and Judy Suttle are the children’s parents. The source of this information is not given. However, if you search John O’Neale or Judy Suttle you find out they were married, but had no children. I’m not sure how this happens. Why the children are listed seperately, but not collectively with the parents escapes me.
     Granted the above proves very little, but this is research and I’m not claiming this information to be fact so I include it here as food for thought. The net effect of this information, Margaret replaced the spot on the list vacated by Betsey.

(3) Mary was revised because of the following:

Kristin Bush wrote to me that Polly (Polley) is a nickname for Mary. The date I have for Polley’s birth fits with the timeframe I estimated for Mary on the previous list. So at this point I’m assuming Polley and Mary are one in the same person. Obviously, a lot more research is required, but this information gives the research direction.

The following information is courtesy of the Washington County Pioneer Association Necrology, Dawes Memorial Library, Marietta College:

From the Washington County [Ohio] Pioneer Association Necrology (an unpublished ledger preserved in Special Collections, Dawes Memorial Library, Marietta College), page 40:

     “Ezra O’Neal – cooper & farmer, second son and fi[f]th1 child of John O’Neal and Judy Grimes2 O’Neal was born in Culpepper county, Va. August 6th 1802.
     After his father’s death, which took place about 18073 he came with the family to Ohio and was raised in Belpre after living for a short time in Chillicothe Ohio.
     His stepfather Robert4 Russell lived in the old ‘Red House’ opposite Parkersburgh and kept the ferry at which Ezra was employed during his boyhood.
     When man grown, he came to Newport Tp. from Belpre and wrought for some time as a journeyman cooper, a trade which he had learned while in Belpre. Here he found his wife, a Miss Matilda Ferguson, oldest daughter of Thomas Ferguson and Grace Holdren Ferguson, and settled on a farm at the mouth of Newells Run in Newport Tp. where he died July 28th 1895 at the age of nearly 93 years, having survived his good wife 20 years. Mr O’Neal was an active and earnest worker in the Washingtonian temperance movement, and he and his wife were both members of the Baptist Church. They had ten children of whom three died in infancy, and seven are still living — Mary Jane Dunphe of Bridgewater Mass — Thomas O’Neal of Jamestown Pa — Huldah Taylor of Newell’s Run O. — Gilbert O’Neal of Newells Run — George O’Neal of Marietta Tp & Joseph O’Neal of Marietta O — and Judy E. O’Neal of Bridgewater Mass.”

[signed by] Dr. J. M. McElhinney, Newport O.

From the Washington County [Ohio] Pioneer Association Necrology, page 42:

“Colbert O’Neal
     Mr. O’Neal died in Belpre Ohio, Sept. 16, 1898 after a lingering illness of two years, probably the oldest man in Washington County with the exception of Mr. Harvey Deming of Warren Tp. Mr O’Neal was born in Culpepper County Va, Jan. 15, 1805, making his age at time of his decease 93 years & 8 months. He came to Ohio in 1812 settling in Belpre, where he made his home until his death — a period of 86 years. He was a brother5 of Ezra O’Neal who died & had resided most of his life in Newport Tp at the age of nearly 93 years.
     How different this country then from now, and how many and marvellous changes his life in Ohio has witnessed. He was married to Seraph D. Dana Nov. 1st 1832 and she lived until Nov 25, 1887.
     Three children of this marriage are still living, Mrs. Amanda Roland & Foster of Newport and Russell6 of Belpre. Mr. O’Neal united in full membership with the Methodist Church in Belpre July 1827 under the ministry of Rev. Leroy Swampstead, a noted divine at that time, and remained faithful to his church and obligations until hid death a period of more than 72 years.”

 Notes for the above information:

  1. Ezra position matches that of the above list of children.
  2. Loury Grimes was married Jane Calvert Maddox Settle after Isaac Settle’s death. Jane’s third marriage apparently. Jane was the mother of Judy Suttle/Settle. It’s possible Loury adopted Judy or she used his last name. It doesn’t seem likely to me she officially changed her name because when she got married to John O’Neale she used the maiden name of Suttle. This is also the first time I have seen Ezra listed as a child of John O’Neale & Judith Suttle/Settle.
  3. The year 1807 squares with the probate records for John O’Neale.
  4. According to my information, which you’ll find elsewhere on the site, Judy Suttle/Settle was married to James Russell, thus he would be the step father of her children.
  5. This is the first time I’ve seen Colbert and Ezra listed as brothers.
  6. The third child of Colbert and Seraph was Edwin Russell. Notice his middle name is the same Colbert’s step father last name.

Excerpts from The Settle-Suttle Family by William Emmett Reese:

 Judy Settle, daughter of Isaac and Jane Settle, was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, March 1776; she died in Washington County, Ohio, 13 September 1869, and was buried in Belpre Cemetery.
She was married, first, by the Reverend John Swindler in Culpeper County, Virginia, 8 Apr 1794 to John O’Neale.
Her second marriage was in Washington County, Ohio, circa 1812, to James Russell.
Issue by first marriage (All born in Culpeper County, Virginia):
Jane, b. 1795.
Joseph, b. 14 September 1800.
Colbert, b. 1805

Excerpt from The Dana Family in America by Elizebeth Ellery Dana:

STEPHEN 5 DANA (William,4 William,3 Benjamin,2 Richard 1), 
           born Worcester; baptized there, at First Church, Nov. 7, 
           1779; died June 6, 1834; married Apr. 14, 1807, BETSEY 
           MARIETTA FOSTER (sister of his brother William's wife), 
           born Providence, R. I., June 7, 1788, died Apr. 9, 1870, 
           daughter of Hon. Peregrine and Polly (Parkman) Foster. 
           He was a farmer and large landowner. Res. Belpr‚ and 
           Newport, Ohio. 

           Children, born in Newport: 

           i. SERAPH DWIGHT,6 b. July 29, 1808; d. Sept. 13, 1869; m. 
              Nov. 1, 1832, Colbert O'Neal of Belpr‚, b. Culpepper, Va., 
              Jan. 15, 1805, son of John and Judith (Suttle) O'Neal. 

So let’s recap what we have:

  • A list from two different sources with Margaret, Jane, Polley, Joseph, Ezra, and Colbert listed as John O’Neale and Judith Suttle/Settle’s six children (three girls and three boys).
  • A probate record showing that John O’Neale could not be the father of Betsey.
  • The possibility that Polley is the same person as Mary, the first name being a nickname for the second.
  • The International Genealogical Index (IGI) showing the Margaret, Jane, Polley, Joseph, Ezra, and Colbert as the six children of John O’Neal and Judith Suttle/Settle.
  • Articles from the Washington County Pioneer Association Necrology, Dawes Memorial Library at the Marietta College showing Ezra to be the son of John O’Neale and Judy Suttle/Settle and the brother of Colbert O’Neal.
  • Excerpts from the book The Settle-Suttle Family indicating Jane, Joseph, and Colbert are siblings
  • An excerpt from the book The Dana Family in America claiming the parents of Colbert to be John O’Neal and Judah Suttle.

My thoughts:

  • A preponderance of the evidence seems to indicate that Jane, Joseph, Ezra, and Colbert were siblings.
  • Margaret and Polley aren’t quite so clear cut. Lot’s of research still remains to be done, but we are making progress.

My thanks to the following individuals for their invaluable help:

  • John W. O’Neal II
  • Bev Crowe
  • Kristen Bush
  • Chris Contos
  • Sharon Holley
  • Linda Showalter