Thu, July 8, 1943

We were at work at 9:00 cleaning out our office and store room. It’s in the basement of an old castle. It was fun cleaning it up & we moved up our all our camera equipment & films & by 4:00 we were all cozy. We drew a bicycle each today & they’re ours as long as we are here. It rained most of the day & looked like rain tonite. So we stayed in. Going to bed early.


Sat, July 8, 1944

Was alerted today to go a special job to secret to even enter here. I am to fly this mission in a Mosquito & it’s going to be rugged.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito is a British twin-engined, shoulder-winged, multirole combat aircraft, introduced during the Second World War. Unusual in that its frame was constructed mostly of wood, it was nicknamed the “Wooden Wonder”, or “Mossie”.

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