I’m in the process of creating a family group sheet for every known or potential family member. This section will grow as time permits. It’s a time consumming process because I am determined to provide a source for all the information I list. It doesn’t matter how good the source or how questionable, just so someone looking at the information can make a value judgment on it’s credibility.

     I have listed the family group sheets by generations. The first generation is mine. It is comprised of individuals who do not meet the “born 100+ years ago” criteria I established for this web site. Therefore, there will be no one listed for this generation. I just use it as a point of reference.

     The generation numbers increase as I work backward in time in much the same way a ahnentafel is organized. The menu for each generation has individuals grouped by family. The family members (children) are listed in ascending order of birth, i.e., from oldest to youngest. Hopefully, this type of grouping will help facilitate finding an individual while keeping him or her in the proper family context.

     Please keep in mind that this web site represents research that is in progress. I have tried to make it clear when I suspect there is a relationship, but I haven’t proven it. I say this as a warning to family members and fellow researchers. The information given here needs to be looked at carefully and not accepted without close examination. The only family line I have carefully researched is my pedigree line. I am certain up to and including the 5th generation. My great-great grandfather was Joseph O’Neale and his wife was Eunice Cole. I am not completely certain who my great-great-great grandparents where. That is the focus of my present research. John O’Neale and Judith Settle are the leading candidates. I’m about 95% certain of Judith, John is another story. Oh, I believe John O’Neale was my great-great-great grandfather, I just don’t know which John O’Neale.

     The 6th through 9th generations shown are based on John O’Neale being the John O’Neale born in 1749 in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. So if I’m wrong about John, I’ll have to correct the information shown for these generations.