Fri, April 21, 1944

We moved from Bury St. Edmonds today & was sent to (Pinetree) High Wycombe to the 8th AAF Recon Group under leadership of Col. Elliot Roosevelt. We will reorganize here & then be sent out to a different field. We arrived here 4:00 in the afternoon.

Sat, April 22, 1944

Were busy setting up our HQ and Supply building & worked all day getting things unpacked & put on shelves. We have to sleep in tents & have a large hill to walk up & down in order to get to the tent area. There’s nine brass around here. Ran into Dolittle twice today It seems like every other officer is a Col.


Mon, April 24, 1944

The 3rd Combat Camera Unit moved into the same building & Maj. Skael & Capt. Culver as his asst is going to be at the head of both units. We will lose some men & gain some men. Ran into Ernie & 8 of the boys I worked with on the Keighly picture. Ernie’s being transferred to our unit.


Tue, April 25, 1944

I got the diary out a few days ago for they are going to use it for information to try Capt. Culver for drawing per deim when he was no supposed to. Seems like it was 500.00 & I had to go to HQ & give an affidavit when I was in his Det. They used my diary for dates.  I’m glad for I can use it again.


Wed, April 26, 1944

Have the HQ & Supply all set up now & am going over the books. Getting all the book work caught up. I was made Act 1st Sgt. before leaving Bury & its quite a job holding down both Top Kick & Supply too & trying to keep every body satisfied.


Thu, April 27, 1944

Lynch & Gamble went on a test for glide bombs today to photograph it. They went to Molesworth & I sent for more food to Barney. Have myself a little kitchen fixed up now & am sleeping with Gene Harm in the supply room.


Fri, April 28, 1944

The boys came back today & brought me a big box of groceries. Byron sent a 1/2 slab of bacon, 10# of cheese, 1 doz. eggs, gal. of mixed fruit, T Juice & 2 lbs of butter. Good old Barney. Had a big feed tonite of bacon and eggs. Bart, Mac and Gene & I had them after testing out the town pubs.


Sat, April 29, 1944

Saw Col. Roosevelt & Col Cleveland today & they are going to give us all aerial combat & the 3rd all ground & productions. Zelinski went to the 3rd & Ernie Simpson, Bart & I interviewed 10 of the flyers of the 3rd in order to pick out five. We are going to transfer 5 dead beats out.


Sun, April 30, 1944

All the Catholics went to mass this morning including Bobbie. He’s back in the church again & seems happy about it. Took the rest of the day off & went over to the park at Hy Wycombe & went punting or rowing in our language. Had a nice rest & went pubbing in the evening.


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