Tue, April 20, 1943

Nothing much happened this day. We drilled about an hour & then had relay races our side won. After dinner we had a softball game. I pitched for 2 innings. Our side lost 30 to 5. Two of the boys had to go & get gravel taken out of their hand. They slipped & got cut pretty bad. Somebody kicked one of the mascot dogs here & they had to destroy it. The men and officers put up 120.00 reward for the arrest & conviction of the soldier that did it. Mary came out tonite & the kids & we rode around & had quite a visit. She brought me 2 buds of the red rose on our porch. They seemed redder to me than ever. I wish I could keep them that way forever. 12 of us are going to 8:00 mass in the morning. The CO fixed it so we could have a truck. We  are also supposed to go on a march tomorrow to practice extended order.


Thu, April 20, 1944

No entry.


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