Sun, April 25, 1943

Got up at 5:00 & went to 6:00 mass then drove out to camp & checked in at 8:00. Picked up Lew Jusser & we came home. At 12:00 we went on a picnic with some friend of my wife. We sure had a swell time. Had lots of rabbit, meat balls & good wine. Ate until I’d about busted. We saw a 9 inning ball game & went on several of the rides. At 6:30 we were back home & they heated up the leftovers from the picnic & we ate again. At 8:30 a blackout was on until 9:30. Mary took me back to camp at 10:30


Tue, April 25, 1944

I got the diary out a few days ago for they are going to use it for information to try Capt. Culver for drawing per deim when he was no supposed to. Seems like it was 500.00 & I had to go to HQ & give an affidavit when I was in his Det. They used my diary for dates.  I’m glad for I can use it again. 


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