Mon, April 26, 1943

Frank Zelinsky, Lew Jusser & myself went over to my sisters & took one each of the boys blankets & washed them. Boy they were sure dirty. We washed 23 of them. We finished at noon and sis had a nice lunch fixed for us. Fruit salad, sandwiches, strawberry shortcake. The rest of the afternoon we looked around the ranch. They came after us a 5:15 and we didn’t get to chow until 6:15 and almost got left out. We are going to finish the rest of the blankets tomorrow. Might go to the show tonite.


Wed, April 26, 1944

Have the HQ & Supply all set up now & am going over the books. Getting all the book work caught up. I was made Act 1st Sgt. before leaving Bury & its quite a job holding down both Top Kick & Supply too & trying to keep every body satisfied.


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