Wed, April 28, 1943

We had a good hours drill this morning on the back streets and then we cleaned up on HQ & all around our street. At 11:30 we started to chow & I was running backwards passing and catching the ball & on one of the backwards runs I slammed into a truck & hit the small of my back. I was knocked out & they had the Doc down to see me. I was told to stay flat on my back all afternoon & tonite. I was worse. I can hardly move my neck at all now. They are going to take me to the hospital in the morning. Mary’s coming out tonite & we are going to take in the post show if I can stand it. I can’t lay down so I’ll guess I’ll have to spend the nite walking the floor. My right arm is asleep & gets rather numb.


Fri, April 28, 1944

The boys came back today & brought me a big box of groceries. Byron sent a 1/2 slab of bacon, 10# of cheese, 1 doz. eggs, gal. of mixed fruit, T Juice & 2 lbs of butter. Good old Barney. Had a big feed tonite of bacon and eggs. Bart, Mac and Gene & I had them after testing out the town pubs.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    Byron/Barney (Ferlemann) was a my mother’s brother. He was stationed in England with my father although they were in different outfits.

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