Fri, April 30, 1943

Well we played our game today and lost 21 to 7. The Major pitched all 9 innings and everybody was ascared to pull him. He walked 5 men the first inning. They made 16 runs in three innings. I did not get to play any, but I guess it was just as good for it gave my back a rest. I went over to Burbank to the dance tonite & Mary & the children were there. Had a very nice time but was tired. Stayed home in my own bed tonite and today was payday too. Drew $27.00.


Sun, April 30, 1944

All the Catholics went to mass this morning including Bobbie. He’s back in the church again & seems happy about it. Took the rest of the day off & went over to the park at Hy Wycombe & went punting or rowing in our language. Had a nice rest & went pubbing in the evening.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    Bobbie was Robert Schlegal O’Neal son of Robert O’Neal, my dad’s brother.

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