Wed, April 7, 1943

Well we had quite a day. We cleaned out office & supply room in the morning & then done bunk fatigue until lunch time. After lunch we loaded into trucks and went to visit Paramount Studio. We saw quite a few things & had our pictures taken with Bob Hope and then another one with the Aldridge Family. We arrived back here at 5:30 and after roll call presented Ralph Peterson with his gift of a knitted set for the baby. The officers presented him with a blanket then we were told to get our canteen cups & come back to the office. The Major had gotten us a keg of beer & the other officers the lunch meat & we had a party. After the party we all went to the post show. It wasn’t so hot but we enjoyed it. Mary & the kids were out again & saw the show with us. We are still restricted.


Fri, April 7, 1944

No entry.


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