Thu, April 8, 1943

We had our final shakedown today & we were notified a General was to come in & 12 of us, me included, had to leave our stuff out so the General could see it. We also had to dress in full field equipment. He never did arrive. So at 4:30 we put it up. We sent or dry cleaning out & laundry & I & Lt. Johnson went after it at 5:00. We did not have much trouble with the dry cleaning but when it came to sorting out the laundry bro we had a time for the laundry had washed out the laundry marks from a lot of them. We finally got it straightened out at 9:30. We had quite a pile of unmarked clothes but I hope we straighten it out in the morning. Oh for the life of a Supply Sergeant. S. Rosenblatt and I walked up town & got a sandwich & was in bed by 10:00. Drunks came in at 11:00 & no sleep until 1:00.


Sat, April 8, 1944

No entry.


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