Sun, August 1, 1943

The Lt. was supposed to go on a mission today but when we had ate & went to operations they were still in a huddle as to whether they go or not. Around 11:30 they called it off & we drove into Marks Hall. We ate & just got laid down when he came in & took Mandy & I back to Andrews Field. The mission was on again. We arrived here at 1:15 but on way it was cancelled. We drove back to Marks Hall & spent the eve there. I read all evening & to bed early.


Tue, August 1, 1944

Went on furlough for 8 days. Went to the hospital to see Bobbie & he was in good spirits. They are sending him to the 1st Gen then home. Went to Braintree & spent my furlough with the Wiseman’s


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