Fri, August 13, 1943

Well today went by with no accidents even it was Friday 13. We finished putting up the tent for the lab and Capt. Culver went up for a practice flight. The boys pulled in with our supplies also today Sid Rosenblatt & Ebbet Lynch. The Major also flew up to look us over. I am leaving for a 48 hour pass tonite at 8:00. I deserve the rest. The first day in 3 weeks. I’m getting a room at the best hotel, a bottle of Scotch & sleep I go. Sgt. Hussey was grounded today. His eyes have gone back on him. I think Lynch will replace him. Geo Gamble of McGovern’s unit was wounded yesterday on a flight over Germany.  He is the first one of our boys to get the purple heart. I am supposed to go up Mon so I am going to really rest up. Saw Zussel, Zelinski & Merrit to nite at the RC Club while I was drinking coffee. We talked until 1:30 so I’ll finish this & get into the sack.


Sun, August 13, 1944

Had x-rays of my leg & saw doc. Said my leg had a pulled tendon. Most of the boys in my ward are from France & what cases. They all seem to want to get back to the fight. They are a great bunch of boys.


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