Sun, August 15, 1943

Awoke at 9:30. Took a bath and then was ready for church. We had to turn our watch back another hour so I had time to go to the RC and get coffee. The church was 6 blocks from the club. It was a high mass and I really enjoyed it. They wanted 4 pounds for a bottle of Scotch. I didn’t pay it but put 10 shillings in the box. After church picked up two Canadians and had them for my guests. After dinner, we went over to the park and lay around looking the London public over. Boy o Boy what a bunch of characters. Went to the cinema in the evening & saw “Traitor Within” and “Song Hits of 1943”. It was a good show and enjoyed it. Went to bed early for I have to leave at 4:35 am in the morning.  


Tue, August 15, 1944

Today British & American troops made a landing in Southern France. It was received here in the hospital with great cheer. Perhaps it will soon be over. Doc turned me over to physical therapy for treatment.


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