Mon, August 16, 1943

The ticket seller gave me the works this morning. The train didn’t stop at my station. Had to go 3 stations by, get another train back, finish up on the bus. Was two hours late but the Capt. said it was OK. Didn’t do much today. Capt. Culver and Col. Dick Elliot went on a mission over Beaumont, France. Just before takeoff time a gunner accidentally, in the waist, let a 50 cal go and shot a big hole in the belly of the plane. Then over the channel one of the gunners in another plane let go a test and shot a hole in the top turret. Just missed the gunner. What an experience. The first time. Dick said they didn’t do so good. The bombs missed in quite a few planes. Well after we get our film developed it will be late. So I’ll turn in early. The ship that Dick went up in was Idiot’s Delight.


Wed, August 16, 1944

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