Thu, August 19, 1943

Ebbet Lynch, Zellinski, and Lt. Hynes came up last nite and we are going to make a pic of the briefing in sound. We were in the briefing rooms most of the morning and this afternoon. At 3:40 Capt. Culver & Captain Wesley went up for a raid on Poix Airdrome again. They were back at 6:00 and never dropped their bombs, the weather was closed in. I shot 200 ft. of fill in shots for our picture and put away all of the equipment.. Got 4 letters today; Mary 1, Rosemary 2, and Alberta 1. I put mother’s & Rosie’s names on the bombs that were taken to Poix. Going to answer some letters and then to bed. Lt. Fitzgerald’s unit were taking over. Bart &Bobbie will then be with me.


Sat, August 19, 1944

No entry.


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