Mon, August 23, 1943

Was awakened at 3:45 this morning. They had a briefing at 5:15 and take off was 7:45. They had a big power plant in France to hit & was taking 21 planes & 1000# bombs. I put the family’s names on some of them even Alberta’s family. They came back at 9:00 and did not get to the target. Bad weather again. We lazed around in the afternoon. We got our first eggs issued on rations. I got 3. The Col. gave a talk on what to do on our field in case of bombing. Frank Z and I went to Braintree & had a few beers & played the pen ball game. Just as we were leaving Braintree had an alert or rather an air raid. It lasted 20 min and after we got home at 11:30 & was sound asleep at 2:00 we had one and had to hit the slit trenches. Boy was it cold.


Wed, August 23, 1944

Went back to the 231st to have core taken out of one of my boils to have a vaccine made of it. Then when it’s finished I’ll take shots to try & get rid of these damned things. Paris was taken today by FFI & I think another month should see it about over.


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