Wed, August 25, 1943

Got up rather late. Was supposed to go to Huntingdon to get some parts of salvaged planes for camera mounts. Missed the truck. So just before noon Capt. and I and Ben R, a still man, went to Boxted Field to photograph the bomb damage caused by a 300# bomb the Jerry dropped on there. About 20 nissen huts were wrecked and one officer was killed while dressing at front of his dresser. Another was in bed and a piece of the bomb entered the side of the hut, went thru the dresser, came out front, knocked a handle off, passed over his face cutting it, & tore his clothes hanging there to shreds. It just wasn’t his day. We arrived back at camp at 5:00 and 2 of our boys, Mandy & Slate were up on a mission. They went to Triqueville, France and fairly laid low a large airport there. We are going to develop the film tomorrow & see just how bad. The Capt. and I are up next. It rained this evening & looks like it might keep it up all day tomorrow.



Fri, August 25, 1944

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