Sun, August 29, 1943

Tried to go to early mass this morning but no go. Breakfast at 8:00 and ate my last fried egg. After breakfast cleaned up the lab and made a wind shield for the C3 camera. Went to 11:00 mass and in afternoon built a close closet for the Capt. At supper time had to drive to Earls Colne for mail and ate over there. The WAC’s are cooking & serving the meals there. Boy you can sure tell the difference in the taste of the food. I had no mail in the bag. We came back to Andrews Field at 7:00 and received some film we had shot a couple of weeks ago. It was fair but nothing to crow about. Am going to bed early tonite. Did not sleep very good last night.


Tue, August 29, 1944

No entry.


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