Tue, August 31, 1943

The Capt. & Maj. Tetszlaff(?) got into a beef with a 2nd Lt. at a club. Bob Hope and his wife where there and it started over them. The Capt. had his lip cut inside & several teeth loosened. I took him down this morning to post charges on the Lt. I waited around the office all day & at 4:00 Capt. called & said I better go on back without him for he was a sick man. I found out I get a furlough & Frank Zelinski and I are going to Ireland & Scotland. I left London at 5:00 & arrived back at the field at 7:30. Did not get lost once. Was all tuckered out & was in bed at 9:30.

Thu, August 31, 1944

My right leg gave way on me this morning & I went to the hospital here on the base. I was put in a bed & Doc is going to look me over tomorrow good.


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