Sat, August 7, 1943

Arose at 7:30 this morn and at 8:00 was in the lab at Base Photo. At 8:30 Col. McFarland called and said to meet him in 3 min in front of the lab. I was there and he took me to the briefing room where he showed me the target for today. It was Abbeywell, France, a marshaling yard. Well I got all loaded up & the plane pulled out on schedule. We got to the takeoff strip then turned around & came back. It was scrubbed on account of bad weather at the target. Should go tomorrow. I was disappointed for you get 48 hour pass after every mission. We were told to standby but the clouds still remained. Almost finished my white sheep. Am going to see M.V. at the show tonite & then to bed. Got a letter from Sis and Aunt Bell today.


Mon, August 7, 1944

No entry.


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