Thu, December 10, 1942

Well we got underway today & got 4 shots done & then found out we had the wrong film in the camera & our days work was void. I was given another test today by the motor pool for a GI license to drive trucks. But instead they gave me a jeep. We had a lot of excitement here today when we had a gas alarm. They used tear gas & it found us up at the hangar without our gas masks. In theory we were all killed so now my gas mask goes were I go.


Fri, December 10, 1943

Was up at 6:00 this morning and on the set at 7:30. We shot our first scene at 9:00 in the Briefing Room here. We finished up in there at 3:00 when the dolly wheel went flat with a broken stem. We set up in the Navigator’s Room & shot one shot there. We finished at 5:00, ate, & then I’m going to write some letters & go to a Red Cross stage show at 8:30. We go back to operations again tomorrow at 8:00. This field is a lot better than the others we have been at. Should be here about 10 days.

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