Wed, December 16, 1942

Was raised to rank of Corporal today. That $16.00 is coming in handy.


Thu, December 16, 1943

Ws up at 6:00 this morning and was ready to leave for Polebroke Field at 7:30. We arrived there  at 9:30 and was ready to shoot at 10:30. We took two shots in the briefing room before lunch. Ate in the Combat Mess & had a swell dinner. After lunch we took a shot of the combat crews coming in for coffee & sandwiches and doughnuts. While we were waiting a B-17 taxied by us & there were three jeeps sitting on the edge of the runway & the right prop took the tops of all three of them & bent the prop. The pilot was a fault because that runway was closed off. We finished at 3:00 & at 4 was on our way back to the field. We leave early in the morning with our bags & go back to Polebrook. We have a couple of shots & then go to Elveden Hall near Bury St Edmunds. I received Mary’s package today & 14 letters from her and the states. Boy was I happy. I sure like my pen for I was lost without one.


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