Tue, December 1, 1942

Had a pass for today but had to wait until I got paid then recovery my $18.55. I found out I couldn’t go for we have to be here at 10:00 tomorrow to get our finance for our meals on the trip. Schokey & I went over to Hollywood & shopped & it turned out to be a binge. Got home at 11:00 and both caught hell. If I get finished by 12:00 I’ll call Mary & have her come & take me home & spend the afternoon with her.

Wed, December 2, 1942

Well it turned out as usual. We went to finance office, orders were made out wrong & we had to come back. Killed the whole day & my pass was no good. I went home tonite & took the radio I have had for a month to fix home. It needed a tube. Bid everybody goodbye. Mary got me a carton of Camels.


Thu, December 3, 1942

Bud had a flat coming back to camp this morn. We fixed it in 5 min but was just in time. At 9 we left to get our travel pay. They gave us $12.00 for 7 meals. They was $2.00 short but they told us we would get it. I took another $5,000 ins out today. We left at 12 to load the baggage car. Got back at 4:30. We are supposed to be ready to leave for Shreveport, LA at 6:30 in morn. I called mother up & said goodbye again.


Fri, December 4, 1942

Left the post for the depot at 7:00. We were given 15 min to eat & at 8:30 was in the train. At 9:00 we were pulling out for Shreveport, LA. Freddie West & I played gin rummy for 8 hours & when we quit there was only 3¢ difference in our score. I was lucky & drew an upper berth that way I get to sleep by myself. Stopped 20 min in Yuma, AZ & mailed Mary a card.


Sat, December 5, 1942

Slept until 9:30 today then Freddie & I started our Gin Rummy game again. We played until we were just outside of El Paso & I lost a steak dinner for getting low score. We arrived at El Paso at 3:15 and had to stay over until 9:15. Freddie & I & Bobbie O. & Sgt Roth & Sgt Rosen went to Juarez, Mex. Had a swell time but got good & tight on Mexican whiskey. Didn’t leave El Paso until 2:30.  


Sun, December 6, 1942

Slept rather late today. Slept until 10 then had to set our watches ahead one hour. Had coffee for breakfast & then at 1:30 ate dinner in the diner. Had veal steak & it cost $1.00. After lunch we played CA-Dunk until 6:30 then I gave up 75¢ out. We, Freddie & I, are going to eat dinner in Fort Worth. We had a nice mexican dinner & took in the town. All soldiers have to be off the streets by 11:30. I went back to the depot & wrote several cards, Then was in bed by 12:30.


Mon, December 7, 1942

We left Fort Worth at 8:30 and done nothing much on the train but lay around. We arrived here at 4:00 & was settled in our barracks by 5. We were detached to the 476th Bomb Squadron. The barracks are stone & are sure nice. Steam heat & the food is swell. We took a gander around the post tonite & then went over & had two beers & then back to bed. Have to unload the car tomorrow so need lots of rest.


Tue, December 8, 1943

Well what a nite we spent in our barracks. It was like a bunch of school kids turned loose. We finally got to sleep at midnite. They woke us at 5:00 and we had to stick around until 10:00 when our car came in. While waiting 3 other boys & I bowled a game, 10¢ a game. I had a 165. We finished unloading the car at noon & after lunch unloaded the 8 trucks into a hangar. We will probably get started tomorrow. Freddie W., Sgt. Riech, & I went to Shreveport & went to the Service Men’s Club. They had a dance sponsored by a Jewish organization. Had several dances & a nice time. The time it broke at 10:00 I was ready for bed. 



Wed, December 9, 1942

We we didn’t do much only get prepared for shooting tomorrow. The Camel Caravan show came here tonite & the field took it in, that is, 3000 of them. It was a swell show & they gave us 3 cigarettes each.


Thu, December 10, 1942

Well we got underway today & got 4 shots done & then found out we had the wrong film in the camera & our days work was void. I was given another test today by the motor pool for a GI license to drive trucks. But instead they gave me a jeep. We had a lot of excitement here today when we had a gas alarm. They used tear gas & it found us up at the hangar without our gas masks. In theory we were all killed so now my gas mask goes were I go.


Fri, December 11, 1942

Well done nothing but drive the jeep back and forth. I sent Mary a telegram for our anniversary. It was well worth the $1.34 it cost me. I am having a picture made to give it to her for our anniversary. It will take sometime for film is scarce.


Sat, December 12, 1942

Well another day no painting. All that I done was drive the jeep around again. We went to town several of us boys & went up to the USO. It was 0 (zero) as far as I was concerned when they charged me 20¢ for cigarettes. They had a dance with records but we scrammed.

Sun, December 13, 1942

I was going to get up at 6:00 & go to church but I didn’t until 6:30 when the bugle blowed. I got my wish today. I really had to work. I changed 4 big letters on the plane & painted the cowling on each motor & made several numbers for the tail. I got rid of my jeep now & am driving a 6X6 truck, the grip truck.


Mon, December 14, 1942

Well nothing exciting happened today. I had to make a flight board & had quite a bit of work around the plane. I am tired tonite. Got a letter from Mary & was sure glad. You do not know how much mail means to one in an outfit like this. Heard today that they are going to increase the overseas units to 30 men.


Wed, December 16, 1942

Was raised to rank of Corporal today. That $16.00 is coming in handy.


Thu, December 17, 1942

Painted a backing for the Church here. It was the interior of the Jewish Synagogue. I worked on it about 6 hours after supper. I really surprised myself. It was a good job. The guard watching the building said boy that sure looks real.


Sat, December 19, 1942

Well I finished the work for the church today & then went over to the church at 8:00 for rehearsals. They had a dance called White Christmas & 330 girls called Military Maids came out to dance with the boys. I had a very good time and missed only one dance. They finished at 12:00 and I was tired.


Sun, December 20, 1942

Went over to the church today & helped get set up for the show tonite. Hung the backing & helped set the lights. Then after supper came back & helped with the show. It was a great success the place was packed. I got a good compliment on my work by the commanding officer here at Barksdale Field.


Mon, December 21, 1942

The Catholic chaplain asked me today if I would help him get the church fixed up for him for Xmas mass. I agreed to & he said he would get the tress & such. He said I done such a good job on the other one he would like me to help him.


Tue, December 22, 1942

He couldn’t get the trees so I took a truck and went out to the bombing range & got a load of pine branches & brought them back & decorated the alter for the Catholic chaplain. It took about 4 hours. It looked swell when we finished. The father was well pleased.


Wed, December 23, 1942

Well we just had another day at pictures. I went over to the chapel & decorated the Xmas trees with soap flakes beat up. They looked swell. I fixed 4 of them.


Thu, December 24, 1942

Well this is the day before Xmas. I feel like it’s the day before my funeral. The officers of our unit are giving us a party at the Caddo Hotel. It’s to be our Xmas dinner. They sure are a swell bunch of fellows. Well the dinner was a huge success. All the boys attended it & we had a swell time. I went to midnite mass at the church in town. It was beautiful & it was packed.


Fri, December 25, 1942

Went to midnite mass in Shreveport & it was a very beautiful sight. The singing was great. They had an all male choir from about 10 years up. I ate Xmas dinner with the 476 Bomb Squadron. We had a pkg cigarettes & cigar, peas, corn, gravy, sweet & mashed potatoes, turkey, dressing, baked ham, pumpkin pie, fruit cake, white cake, celery, pickle, olives, lettuce & tomato salad & gave us a big bag of nuts & candy. I was looking for a letter today but no go.


Sat, December 26, 1942

Well we worked all day today & worked up until 10 o’clock that night. I didn’t have much to do in painting & spent the day making jewelry out of lucite from the nose of the bomber that crashed.

Sun, December 27, 1942

Worked all day today and up until 9:30 tonite. I got word from home today & was informed that I was made a corporal. I haven’t heard from the post yet as to it but it must be so.


Mon, December 28, 1942

One of the boys got the TO today & the 16th of Dec I was made a corporal. We did not have to work tonite. I thought sure I would get some mail today. It’s funny all the friends & everybody one has & days pass & no mail. I did not have any work on the plane but have been fixing up the bases for the signs we are going to give the officers of this field for their help. Bed at 8:00.

Thu, December 31, 1942

Well today was payday & I sure was glad to see it come. I was broke flat & out of everything. We quit early today so as we could get to town before the gang. Our Lt got us an over nite pass. Look out New Year.


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