Fri, December 25, 1942

Went to midnite mass in Shreveport & it was a very beautiful sight. The singing was great. They had an all male choir from about 10 years up. I ate Xmas dinner with the 476 Bomb Squadron. We had a pkg cigarettes & cigar, peas, corn, gravy, sweet & mashed potatoes, turkey, dressing, baked ham, pumpkin pie, fruit cake, white cake, celery, pickle, olives, lettuce & tomato salad & gave us a big bag of nuts & candy. I was looking for a letter today but no go.


Sat, December 25, 1943

We all slept in today until about noon. Some of the boys had a hangover. Boy what a party. We ate our dinner at noon at the Combat Mess & had turkey, dressing, giblet gravy. mashed potatoes, peas, cranberry sauce, raisin pie, choc ice cream, oranges, ? , candy, coffee. All afternoon the mess stayed open for snacks and closed at 5:00 no supper. I slept most of the afternoon and at 4:30 went to mass in the evening. We played poker & the boys took £3/10s off of me . Had a very quiet day. Some of the boys took some of our donations over to the hospital to the wounded soldiers. Was asleep by 1:00 and Jean came in awoke me and a few of us helped him kill a qt. of Scotch he brought back with him. We also nipped on the beer all day.

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