Sat, December 26, 1942

Well we worked all day today & worked up until 10 o’clock that night. I didn’t have much to do in painting & spent the day making jewelry out of lucite from the nose of the bomber that crashed.

Sun, December 26, 1943

Was up for breakfast this morning and the laid around & visited & slept and listened to the radio all day. We were going to London but Capt Culver vetoed that so we drank a little of the beer that was still left over. In the afternoon we had quite a time. Got about ½ swacked on the flat beer. After supper Capt Culver sent a driver with Frank and I and Sid Rosenblatt back to our base. I was sick all night & got up about 5 times to urinate. Didn’t get to sleep until nearly 4. Going to see the doc tomorrow. 


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