Thu, December 3, 1942

Bud had a flat coming back to camp this morn. We fixed it in 5 min but was just in time. At 9 we left to get our travel pay. They gave us $12.00 for 7 meals. They was $2.00 short but they told us we would get it. I took another $5,000 ins out today. We left at 12 to load the baggage car. Got back at 4:30. We are supposed to be ready to leave for Shreveport, LA at 6:30 in morn. I called mother up & said goodbye again.


Fri, December 3, 1943

Was up at 7:00 this morn and on the set at 8:00. We shot in the locker room in the morning & in the navigator room. We took a shot of the Chaplain (Catholic) giving communion to a group of  boys getting ready to go on a mission. Our generator began to break down & we only got 2 shots after lunch. The boy that was hit last night was OK. No broken bones. Mac the generator operator brought Simpson & I over a qt. of rum last nite & by bed time I was half lit. We moved over to operations tonite & shoot there tomorrow. Still haven’t got my mail this week. Wrote 2 letters tonite & am going to shave & hit the hay. Boy this country is sure cold & muddy. Everything I have is covered with mud. The Army mechanics are fixing our generator tonite & should have it going by morning.

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