Tue, December 8, 1943

Well what a nite we spent in our barracks. It was like a bunch of school kids turned loose. We finally got to sleep at midnite. They woke us at 5:00 and we had to stick around until 10:00 when our car came in. While waiting 3 other boys & I bowled a game, 10¢ a game. I had a 165. We finished unloading the car at noon & after lunch unloaded the 8 trucks into a hangar. We will probably get started tomorrow. Freddie W., Sgt. Riech, & I went to Shreveport & went to the Service Men’s Club. They had a dance sponsored by a Jewish organization. Had several dances & a nice time. The time it broke at 10:00 I was ready for bed. 


Wed, December 8, 1943

Slept until 11 this morning & ate & we started work at 1:00. I sent Mary a cable today at noon. I really am worried about her. We shot in the officer’s Nisson Hut then ate & set up outside the briefing room. Had 2 shots there & it misted all thru the scenes. We finished at 9:30 & are leaving tomorrow at 1:00 for another field. Boy will I be glad to leave this sea of mud. Still no mail today. Lt. Col Keighly was called to London by Gen Eaker. Perhaps somethings in the air.

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