Fri, February 12, 1943

The outfit got back today & what a tired bunch of boys. We have an inspection tomorrow. All the combat groups.


Sat, February 12, 1944

Was up at 9:00 and at 11:00 we were on our way. Stopped on the way at a little tea place & I ate 4 fresh eggs & bacon, tea & fried bread. I was starved almost from the hospital chow. Arrived here at 2:00 got my mail & none from my family. I’m concerned now that love can’t be to great when they’re driving me nuts slowly by not writing. Oh well. The Capt. is leaving for Scotland for 7 days & he said if I wanted 8 or 10 days he would let me go any place. I’m going to spend it resting at Mrs. Wiseman’s in Braintree. I was sure glad to get back to the boys. I’ve lost 18# & am a little weak but OK I guess. Margaret sent me a picture of Ronnie & Rosemary. Boy was I glad to receive that. I’ll thank her forever for those wonderful letters. Going to bed early.


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